Realm Q4 '21 Newsletter: 2021 wrapped and the first release of 2022


2021 was an exciting year for the Realm team!

From publishing 191 releases and closing over 1500 issues on Github to launching a leading Spanish mobile development podcast, Unicode, we’ve been busy.

This year, we:

  • Announced the general availability of Realm Sync – an edge-to-cloud data sync that helps mobile developers to build collaborative, reactive apps that stay updated in real time

  • Launched a new Flutter SDK (Alpha) and added Kotlin Multiplatform support to our Kotlin SDK (Alpha) to make it easier to store and query local data in multi-platform applications

  • Shipped a Unity SDK for game developers that want to build data-intensive games but don’t want to spend time on cache management or data transfer

  • Made our Swift SDK even Swifter by adding a host of new features including a seamless integration with SwiftUI, the Realm Swift Query API, Type Projections, and more

  • Added support for Hermes to help JS developers keep applications fast and lightweight and built a new React Hooks library to make React integration a breeze

  • Worked with partners at Ionic, Expo, Cloudflare & AWS to more easily incorporate Realm into their workflows

  • And attended 46 events and hosted 14 meetups to support the passionate Realm community and answer the question that keeps us up at night – what should we build next?

After all that, it would be easy to kick our feet up and take a break, but REST isn’t in our vocabulary (or syntax). Instead, we are kicking off 2022 strong with an exciting announcement:

Flexible Sync – the next iteration of Realm Sync – is officially in preview!

The fastest, most efficient version of sync to date, you can now use language-native queries and hierarchical permissioning to define the data synced to user applications.

Want to learn more? Check out the documentation or our announcement post on the Developer Hub.

That’s it for now, but we have plenty more planned in the coming weeks! Remember, you can always connect with us on Twitter, Forums, or Medium for important updates.

Happy building!

Ian Ward

Product Manager, Realm

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