Oh My eyes! Dark mode?

Where is the Dark Mode ? For here and the docs.mongodb.com

I disrespectfully disagree with any marketing person about ‘stating on brand’.

Docker is one example I want to highlight(albeit for their docs site)


@chris I agree with you. I am not sure why more sites don’t default to a color scheme (or at least given an option) that removes the bright white background from their web sites. While not ideal, I would even be OK with a solarized theme.


Dark Mode is definitely a trending user preference on our radar, but proper implementation also requires reviewing & updating existing image assets and styles so they either work in both light & dark modes or have alternative variations. Something worth doing is also worth doing right :wink:.

For example, we recently added a Dark Theme for embedded MongoDB Charts.

Some related feature requests on the MongoDB Feedback site that you may want to watch & upvote:

The docs.mongodb.com site spans multiple products & versions with 1000s of pages and 100s of images, so that isn’t a quick task to review and update. However, most of our docs images are SVG and should render reasonably if you have a custom dark theme.

Until an official dark mode is available for your favourite web destinations, you can also personalise the browser experience by creating (or finding) community themes using a browser extension like Stylus. See Dark MongoDB Docs (userstyles.org) for a quite usable example.



To add on to @Stennie’s comments, I am not opposed to implementing a Dark Mode version of this site. It won’t be in the launch version, but something we can consider developing for down the road. As Stennie mentioned, there are additional style elements required, but I also personally use everything (Twitter, Slack, etc.) in Dark Mode.




Maybe people are well aware of this option, but I utilize a chrome plugin that may suffice for the time being until it’s added.

Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dark-reader/eimadpbcbfnmbkopoojfekhnkhdbieeh

Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/darkreader/


Thanks for sharing this Timothy!!

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Hey @mongo_maas I had tried Dark Reader in the past but there was something that I didn’t like about it and quit using it. I don’t remember what that was so I’ll give it another try, but hopefully MongoDB’s marketing will release an “official” dark mode sooner rather than later.

It works pretty good. I won’t lie that some sites can’t handle what it does to it, so just need to disable it for those specific ones. As you can see, it messes up the logos at the header of the pages here. Overall easy on the eyes for me, and that’s what I’m mainly looking for.


We’re not marketing. We report to engineering :wink:

I will ensure that getting a dark mode option for post-launch is a top priority. :+1:


Just sharing if you wish to enable dark mode without using any extension but just by chrome flag itself.

  • Go to chrome and visit chrome://flags

  • Find the dark mode in the available tab, You’ll see something like this screenshot


Even docs.mongodb.com looks awesome after enabling this.


This is awesome, because all pages that Chrome extensions can’t access (eg. source code page, chrome web store, etc.) also turns dark.

Unfortunately, while Dark Reader will not darkify already dark websites, Chrome will do it anyway, which will always make these websites ugly.

Can confirm: Dark mode is imminent. :smiley:


Thanks @Jamie to you and the team for working on this. My eyes will greatly appreciate it. The Dark Reader plugin is good but doesn’t always get color schemes in a good state.

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Thanks for the surprise. But, that was scary for a moment !

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