Dark Mode is here, y'all!

Happy Wednesday, community!

As you may have noticed, Dark Mode is now the default theme for our forums. This is one of the first big requests we’ve had in the Site Feedback category for the forums and I’m thrilled that we’re able to roll out this change. We designed this version of Dark Mode to match the design on our recently launched Developer Hub and you’ll see it begin to appear across many of our other developer resources in the coming weeks as we work to better align your experience with MongoDB. We’re certainly still open to feedback on the implementation of the design in these forums and will iterate as needed.

If the Dark Mode theme doesn’t thrill you, you can still switch back to Light Mode in your personal settings.

  • Click on your avatar in the top right of your screen. Then click your name. Choose Preferences from the dropdown menu.

  • On the left side of your screen, choose Interface. Then, under the Theme header, select which theme you’d prefer to use. You can change this at any time.

Let me know your feedback in the Site Feedback category, especially if you run into any issues with using the new theme.




Looks good @Jamie! Thanks to you and the team for getting this done.


Hello @Jamie, a further :100: - Thanks to all working on it!


Oh sweet relief !!

Thanks !


Awesome!! Thank you @Jamie and thanks to everyone who worked to make this happen!