MongoDB core-dump

Apparently there is no solution to this.
How many thread say even since 2014, reinstalling, setting permissions, repairing --dbPath all of this doesn’t work.

I am very sad that not even the all mighty development team said anything about that. I’m pretty sure they are the ones who know the most what’s going on.

I haven’t slept whole night and it’s now 6am.
Thank you MongoDB
Thank you for changing the license and thank you for not helping. I hope one day someone comes up with a better DB than MongoDB.

Hi @Damian_N_A ,

I appreciate you’ve had a long night troubleshooting a frustrating issue.

If you are still looking for a solution, we may be able to provide some advice if you can share more context.

It would be useful to know:

  • specific version of MongoDB server
  • O/S version
  • type of deployment (standalone, replica set, or sharded cluster)
  • specific error message you are trying to resolve
  • any changes that may have led to that issue (for example, an unexpected shutdown)


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Hi @Damian_N_A

Yet the very first thing you post in a community forum is one that does not generate compassion or a willingness to help you, it does not include a problem statement or any details.

Vitriol to towards the company is better directed to

Contrary to @Stennie’s response I would recommend that you first read a few topics, then come back and post a topic to the community.


Sad to say but I won’t spend valuable time to read some threads I truly don’t care about.
Yes my thread wasn’t the most “mature” one and driven by frustration.

Don’t dock your post to Stennie’s post, his post actually was written to help me what I’m very thankful for. Your post on the other side didn’t add anything valuable except pointing out my behavior.

The answer to my thread would be:
Raspberry Pi 4 is compatible only with MongoDB 4.2
In other to use MongoDB 5.0 ARMv8.2 are required for example in the Banana Pi with the A55 ARM.

Hi @Damian_N_A,

The topics @chris suggested are to help the community help you. In order to understand your issue and provide advice, we need to know where you are, how you got there, and what you’ve tried. Up front clarity around these details will reduce some of the back and forth that will otherwise add delay to understanding and potentially resolving an issue.

Courteous communication and respect for those who volunteer to help will always go a lot farther than venting frustration as a welcome post, so I hope future interactions are more positive.

Threads from 2014 (MongoDB 2.6) are also unlikely to be overly relevant for modern versions of MongoDB, as much has changed including the default storage engine.

Thanks for providing further details. Unfortunately “core dump” just means the process terminated unexpectedly and captured the current state of working memory. Context like MongoDB version, O/S version, and a stack trace or exception error are required to provide any guidance on why a core dump may have occurred. Running binaries on supported microarchitecture has an unfortunately vague outcome at the moment, but you should see signal=ILL which means an illegal, unknown, or privileged instruction was attempted.

MongoDB 4.4 is the latest version with binary packages compatible with Raspberry Pi 4, but it is possible to build from source if you want to use MongoDB 5.0 features.

For related discussion please see Core dump on MongoDB 5.0 on RPi 4 - #14 by Stennie.