Community Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct outlines the standards of behavior expected of members of the MongoDB community.

We value the participation of each member of the MongoDB community and want all participants to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Because unprofessional or otherwise unacceptable behavior in other public settings may create a hostile environment for members of our community participating in this forum, all MongoDB community participants are expected to show respect and courtesy to others, across our online forums, social media channels, support network, MongoDB User Groups (MUGs), MongoDB events, and other gatherings – regardless of whether or not they are officially sponsored by MongoDB, and whether they take place in person or online.

We expect these guidelines to be followed by all community members including MongoDB employees, customers, partners, user group organizers and attendees, and other event participants.

  • Be respectful. MongoDB is dedicated to providing a harassment-free community for everyone regardless of knowledge or experience, gender identity, orientation, ability, appearance, body type, race, ethnicity, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment in any form.

  • Be considerate. Communication within our community should be appropriate for general audiences including people of many different backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs. Sexual or discriminatory language and imagery are not appropriate within any MongoDB online forum, conference talk, MongoDB User Group, or MongoDB event.

At the sole discretion of MongoDB, community members violating these rules may face consequences including, but not limited to, removal from online forums, conferences, or events, and may be banned from future MongoDB events.

Thank you for helping make this a welcoming, friendly community for all.

Contact Information

If you see any violations of the above or have any other concerns, please report it using the following email: To learn more about how we enforce this code of conduct, please see Moderation and Code of Conduct Enforcement.

Forum Participation Guidelines

When posting on the MongoDB Community forums, please use the following guidelines:

  • Be specific. Avoid asking off-topic questions in existing discussion threads whenever possible. Staff and peers can better answer your question if you start your own discussion with details relevant to your environment (eg. deployment topology, specific versions, what you’ve tried, and any error message(s) encountered).

  • Be patient. Many community members are volunteers and it may take some time to get a response to your question.

  • Be collaborative. Share your experience and help grow the community. We encourage you to keep conversations on our public forums (rather than offline in a private email or by linking to an outside forum) so that the whole community can benefit from the exchange of knowledge.

  • Do not spam. Do not post links to sites that violate our Terms of Use, or post third-party advertising without permission from the forum moderators. Any posts like these will be deleted and may result in future posts being moderated.

  • Do not share sensitive or confidential information. Forum posts are publicly available and should not include any individual’s or organization’s sensitive or confidential details. If you need support that will require you to share confidential information about your company, you should contact our support team.

MongoDB User Group Guidelines:

User Group Leaders:

  • Leaders must have some experience and understanding of MongoDB technologies. You do not have to be an advanced user, but having some experience, either as a student, hobbyist, or as a professional developer, is preferred.

  • Stay engaged . Schedule, organize, and lead regular activities for your group, hosting at least four (4) events per year, one (1) per quarter.

  • Be inclusive : User groups are a place to learn, network, and create genuine connection. Please make sure to create an inclusive, supportive, and welcoming environment for your members.

  • Exemplify the MongoDB values : We consider our user group organizers as an extension of the MongoDB family, so we ask that you to please lead by example.

  • No sales pitches are allowed . Please refrain from trying to sell any products or other resources during a user group event. Let’s keep it education and fun. Leaders are not allowed to generate profit from events.

  • Events published on All events supported by MongoDB Community are to be published on the dedicated platform.

  • Communicate regularly with MongoDB Community Team. We believe in having a regular line of communication to help fully support our leaders, so we ask that we are kept informed of any changes or concerns within the community.

  • You adhere to sponsorship terms for event reimbursements provided within the MongoDB User Group program and will not abuse nor misuse funds


  • Be inclusive and respectful towards one another

  • Be a team player and don’t be afraid to ask your leader if they need some help with the event

  • Teamwork makes the dream work. For in-person events, please help your community leader after the event by picking up after your belongings or trash. For virtual events, please make sure to mute your audio or video if there will be background distractions

  • If virtual, please put yourself on mute when others are presenting or speaking. If there are multiple distractions in the background, please add a digital background or mute your video


  • Please keep it educational, informative, and fun. Refrain from any sales language or pitches

  • Be respectful with you presentation’s allocated time

  • Please arrive early. You may want to set up a practice run with the host to make sure you are ready for your presentation (A/V, logistics, etc)

  • Be open to sharing your or other use cases that make the content relatable

  • Verify and approve content with your user group leader

  • Remove all proprietary information

  • If you are an ISV, you are allowed one introduction slide to share company information and services provided

  • Share a couple of best practices, tips, and tricks that your audience members can use after the event

  • Allocate some time in your presentation for Q&A

  • If virtual, please ask others to put questions on chat to provide more productive collaboration/discussion

Marketing and promotions:

Confirm promotional and marketing efforts with MUG Leaders PRIOR to the event

  • Promotional pamphlets/flyers/signage: Limit to educational content for members and items related to event content

  • Swag: If sponsoring an event, feel free to share some free swag with members

  • Promoting other events: Leaders can announce or promote other opportunities at the event or in newsletters that are inclusive to all other organizations.

  • No exclusivity: Emails are not allowed to be sent to members from the leader to promote vendor/partner events or offers.

  • Recruiting: Company recruiting is not permitted at events unless it’s a career/job recruitment event. If a member shows interest, ask them to contact you at a later time.


Venue sponsorships:

  • Host to provide a non-sales environment for a community event.

  • Host to provide user group leader with a point of contact for venue

  • Marketing/promotional items should be related to the content being presented only

  • Sponsor recognition for event:

    • Logo placement on the user group’s event page (found on
    • Leader thank you and shout out during event

Food/beverage sponsorships:

  • If food or beverage is going to be purchased for event, please work with the user group leader for specifics (# of people, dietary needs, etc)

  • We ask all sponsors to purchase orders directly on behalf of the event

  • Confirm logistical details with user group leaders, including delivery time and food

This Code of Conduct may be revised at any time by MongoDB and the terms are non-negotiable. Your participation in the community indicates your agreement to abide by this policy and its terms.