MongoDB BI Connector is it free?

Can I use the “MongoDB BI Connector” with “Mongodb Community Edition”? Or it does require Enterprise Edition?

MongoDB AI support says this:

The MongoDB Connector for BI is not a paid product. It is a free and open-source tool that allows you to query MongoDB data with SQL using business intelligence tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and Excel.

But this page says differently:

“The MongoDB Connector for BI is available as part of the MongoDB Enterprise Advanced subscription, which features the most comprehensive support for MongoDB and the best SLA.”

I went down the rabbit hole here so let me share what I found… :rabbit2:

Looking at some older community posts, I found that the BI Connector releases page does point to a Customer Agreement page that restricts the use of the BI Connector to just internal and development purposes without an Enterprise license.

Interestingly, MongoDB AI says that you can use it with Community Edition. Looking at the documentation, it does mention that you can use it with self-managed MongoDB, which typically also means Community Edition. I think that this is just technically correct and it’s possible that MongoDB AI has been trained with mostly the technical docs - hence why there is a disclaimer to verify information prior to use.

Lastly, I did find this post with an answer from the product manager for BI Connector, @Alexi_Antonino. @Alexi_Antonino I hope you don’t mind me tagging you here. Would like to seek your help to clarify this further.

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Hello @Kevin_Alves and Thank you @Azri for your answer. I do not mind you tagging me, it helps to make sure I see these posts:)

MongoDB BI Connector self-managed version, really just means it is the version that works with on-premise/self-managed mongodb clusters. The BI Connector and support for its use is included with our Enterprise Advanced subscription. The BI Connector is not supported with our community edition.

I will attempt to train the AI that said otherwise, that it is not a paid product. I guess in the general sense, you do not pay for the download of these BI Connector on-prem/self-managed components, but they are only supported with an Enterprise Advanced subscription.

Hope this helps.

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My pleasure, @Alexi_Antonino.

I think the confusion may also stem from the docs for BI Connector. It would be best to have a clear note on the subscription requirement in the introduction page based on what you just described.