MongoDB community version integration with Power BI/Tableau

Hi All,

I am facing issue while trying to get data from my mongoDB server. Not able to login (system will get stuck after tapping on test with provided required server details).

can some one suggest how to integrate Mongo db community version with power BI/tableau ?


Power BI and Tableau currently do not have direct support for querying MongoDB. You need to setup an intermediary tool like the MongoDB Connector for BI, which provides a read-only SQL to MongoDB translation layer.

The MongoDB Connector for BI is compatible with both Community & Enterprise editions of MongoDB, but is licensed as part of a MongoDB Enterprise Advanced subscription or available as an add-on for a dedicated MongoDB Atlas cluster (M10+).

You can download a trial version for a self-managed install.



I am looking for solutions with “Connector for BI”, so could you please share with us your findings.