MongoDB ODBC driver


My customer would like to connect his MongoDB to his Power BI.

He is using MongoDB community open source edition.

I do not understand if this requires some kind of License? or is it free for sownload and connecting it from Power BI.


Hi @Tamar_Nirenberg,

Per the MongoDB Connector for BI download page:

The MongoDB Connector for BI is available as part of the MongoDB Enterprise Advanced subscription, which features the most comprehensive support for MongoDB and the best SLA.

Use of the MongoDB Connector for BI is subject to the terms of the MongoDB Customer Agreement which does have a provision to use in your internal environment for Free Evaluation and Development purposes.

However, use for any other purpose requires an Enterprise Advanced subscription or a MongoDB Atlas dedicated cluster (M10+).

Please review the Customer Agreement above for legal usage details.


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Thank you @Stennie for the clarification.

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