MongoDB Atlas limitations - writes per second, reads per second

we are evaluating MongoDB Atlas for our use case (ML/AI data accessed on the UI). I was checking the mongoDB documentation regarding wps(writes per second) & rps(reads per second) limits, but am unable to find any definite answer.

The objective is to ensure that if i have large number of writes(or reads), they don’t fail because of MongoDB limitations.

Any pointers on the wps/rps limitations ? Pls let me know.


What is your cluster type? Free or paid?
Check this thread

Request limit in the free tier

Thanks for the response … currently it is a free cluster, but we will change to paid as the volume grows.
Let me check the link you specified.


Hello Karan,

To add a bit more here, for Read/Write performance I don’t think it’s likely that we won’t be able to keep up with requirements, you can scale your cluster vertically to add more read/write capacity, going from an M10 to an M20, or horizontally by sharding eventually to add even more capacity.

Here is an article that covers talks about the capacity you can achieve with MongoDB: MongoDB At Scale | MongoDB

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