Migration to atlas vs on ec2

Wat are pros n cons of 1.onprem mongodb to atlas migration vs 2.onprem mongodb to mongodb on EC2.

Which is easier, cheaper

Here is my 2 cents to start the discussion.

Easier probably Atlas

Point and click for almost all aspects of installation, upgrades and scaling. Should be able to do some of it on EC2 with Ops manager, but then you have to install and manage ops manager.

Cheaper may be Atlas

With Auto-Scaling

Cheaper may be EC2

EC2 might be more flexible in terms of configuration. So you might find a cheaper setup that is best suited to your use-case but at what cost in terms of extra work.

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Thanks Steeve for your reply.

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MongoDB Atlas includes operational tooling to manage, secure, monitor, scale, and backup your clusters so I believe it is easier to use, more secure, and more cost-effective – particularly for a team with limited staff. Your team can focus on the development aspects and business value of your use cases. Atlas also has some integrated cloud-first services including Atlas Search, Atlas Data Lake, MongoDB Charts, and MongoDB Realm.

However, if you prefer to invest in deploying and managing your own infrastructure you can probably save on service costs but will have to pay for the staff expertise to set up, secure, and support your clusters. This adds some common operational risks & challenges for deployments that are not properly secured, tuned, monitored, backed up, or upgraded.

If you took this a step further, you could be buying and racking your own dedicated hardware instead of going through a cloud provider. However, cost savings in cloud provider fees are offset by the hardware and ops work your team now has to support.

The least risky option (and most cost effective in terms of your DBA/ops staff requirements) is MongoDB Atlas. Atlas has enterprise-level security, reliability, and compliance: https://www.mongodb.com/cloud/trust.

If you are already comfortable deploying with a cloud provider like AWS, GCP, or Azure I would recommend using Atlas. There’s also a new Atlas Serverless offering in beta, which has usage-based pricing (only pay for the operations you run) instead of resource-based pricing (choose an instance size with associated CPU/RAM/GB resources).


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