Is cluster active all the time?

I was wondering why do I get charged for every hour, when I clearly don’t access data or do any operations on the cluster in the morning hours. It’s a bit misleading where it says “pay as you go” since the cluster is dormant in 3am for example.

Do I have to pause the cluster so I don’t get charged, and if so is there a scheduler to pause it in certain hours?

Thank you in advance

Hi @semperlabs,

As per the billing page:


  • charges by the hour for your MongoDB clusters
  • charges for usage of your MongoDB serverless instances
  • tabulates costs daily
  • displays your current monthly costs on the Invoices page

If you’re after an instance type where you are charged by usage then perhaps serverless instances may be something you can test to see if it suits your use case / requirements. There are also some limitations to consider.

You will still be billed but at a lowered rate. For example from my test environment when going to pause the cluster:

You could possibly do some scheduling the MongoDB Atlas Administration API (check paused option).

If you believe there is an error in billing or have any questions regarding your Atlas bill, please contact the Atlas in-app chat support team as they’ll have more insight into your Atlas account.


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