I am unable to connect to my cluster. getting an error when connecting via atlus dashboard

Hi @Mohit_Jain1,

Based off the title, it sounds like there are 2 issues here (possibly related):

  1. “Unable to connect to my cluster”
  2. Receiving the error (your screenshot provided)

Regarding 1., could you provide some more information regarding connection failure? I.e.:

  • How are you trying to connect to the cluster (driver, MongoDB Compass, monogsh, etc)
  • Connection error you’re receiving from the client

Regarding 2. I would contact the Atlas support team via the in-app chat to investigate any operational issues related to your Atlas account. You can additionally raise a support case if you have a support subscription. You could possibly try clearing cache or another browser / machine to see if the issue persists.

However, if “unable to connect to my cluster” is referring to the error in the screenshot you’ve provided / trying to access Data Explorer, then please contact the Atlas support team as mentioned above.