Free Certification for Student

I have signed up in MongoDB with my GitHub Student Account. Is it right that I can get free certification if i have signed with student account?

Here is a link to the MongoDB Student Pack.

Free certification means, I think, free registration to take the certification exam. Normally there is a fee to take the certification exam.

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Hi @Prasad_Saya, that’s correct :slight_smile:

Once you’ve completed one of our Learning Paths, you’ll receive 100% discount to the exam.


Hello @Lieke_Boon

is this discount bound to the student program or does this count in general?

Michael :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,

This offer is part of our MongoDB Students pack :slight_smile:



It’s written
During this COVID-19 time, we are here to help you. Complete one of our learning paths and enrich your resume with our free certification!

So it will be available only for some Time

Hi @Alex_Beckham

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That’s correct. It might change in the future, but at this moment we offer the free certification temporarily now that most schools & universities are closed. We don’t know when the COVID-19 pandemic will end, but we’re expecting that this situation will last for a while longer, and we’re not planning on changing this offer in the close future.

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So Which Certificates do we get for free

Both Exams Listed here

Both have price tags of 150.00 USD , this price will be forgiven , Just asking

Hi @Alex_Beckham I’m pretty sure that the voucher is only for a single exam. You would have to choose between the DBA or the Developer certification.

If my understanding on that is incorrect then hopefully @Lieke_Boon will come by soon and correct me.


That’s correct @Doug_Duncan, thank you!

Once you’ve completed one of our Learning Paths , you’ll receive 100% discount to the exam. So it’s either for the DBA or for the Developer certification exam.


@Lieke_Boon , Please could you explain how to request a 100% discount? I completed the “Developer Learning Path” using my Github Students pack

Hi @Osama_Rashwan,

Welcome to the forum! I’ve responded to your email with the code :slight_smile:

Good luck!




To receive a code, please follow the instructions mentioned here:

Thank you!

I have completed the DBA Path.
When will I get the voucher?

Hi @Ajinkya_Bapat

Please go to your dashboard at and follow the instructions underneath ‘Free Certification’.

Thank you :smile: