Error while trying to adjust maximum cluster tier

I encountered the error below trying to upgrade maximum cluster tier from m20 → m30.
‘Additional permissions are required to access the requested resource.’

I’m using aws account to use mongodb atlas, but it doesn’t have billing permission.
And I wonder which exact permission is required to adjust the option because
the admin denied to give my account billing permission without specific reason.

So I’d like to know which exact permission is needed to do that.

Thank you.

Hi @Joonghun_Park - Welcome to the community.

Based off the title and post description I presume you’re trying to change the auto-scaling max tier. Please correct me if I am wrong here. In saying so, users with the Project Cluster Manager can perform the following tasks:

I would refer to the Atlas User Roles documentation for more detailed descriptions of each of the Atlas Roles.

Please contact the Atlas chat support if you’re still having troubles trying to change the maximum cluster tier.

Hope this helps.


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