Enterprise Trial license expire?

Greetings all,

Tried to find it in the documentations but no luck.

If I download and install MongoDB Enterprise in my server, does it come with the trial license amended ? Does it get expired? For how long can I use it?

Also, if I decide to buy the commercial license, is it easy to replace it?

If anyone can give me a piece of information along with a link with it, that would be much appreciated.


Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums @Caio_Marcio!

There is currently no formal license compliance or restrictions baked into MongoDB Enterprise server, so you do not have to manage license key files or expiry.

The expectation is that your company will follow the terms of the MongoDB Customer Agreement, including purchasing suitable licenses for production environments and use cases that are not covered under the “Free Evaluation and Development” clause in the customer agreement.

An Enterprise Advanced subscription includes access to the MongoDB Support Portal and Knowledge Base which is backed by a 24x7 global support engineering team, as well as entitlements to use other MongoDB Enterprise tooling like MongoDB Ops Manager, MongoDB Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes, and the MongoDB Connector for BI.


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