Atlas Support Pricing

On this page, all services offered by Atlas, including their prices, are clearly displayed. However, I’m unable to find transparent pricing details for Atlas Support.

Additionally, I’m curious: isn’t the support cost, reportedly about 20% of the monthly bill, somewhat high compared to cloud providers like AWS and Google Cloud, which charge around 3% for their support services?

Lastly, if we halt the Atlas support service and then decide to reactivate it, the policy is to charge for the last three months of support that went unused? See the message below.

Reactivate Support Plan

Please confirm that you’d like to reactivate the Atlas Developer support plan. You will be Billed on a monthly basis.

Reactivating this support plan will retroactively charge you for support from the date a non-Basic support plan was last active (up to 90 days in the past). Support charges since September 26, 2023 (~$705.48) will be added to your current pending invoice within 24-48 hours once you click “Confirm”.

The pricing for Atlas Support can be found within the Atlas UI if you click on the Support section (left nav) of your org home.

  • Atlas Developer is priced starting at $49/month (Monthly charges are based on the greater of $49 or 20% of total monthly charges)
  • Atlas Pro is priced starting at $799/month (Monthly charges are based on the greater of $799 or 20% of total monthly charges)

Note for completeness these prices should be listed on our web page MongoDB Atlas Support Plans & Pricing | MongoDB (I believe they were in the past) but it looks like something about that page has changed. We will get that fixed.

As far a the price point: I would emphasize that MongoDB Atlas Support is provided by an around the clock team of some of the most talented Techncial Services Engineers in the industry. We pride ourselves on the strength of our team and their ability to delight customers in times of need. Our customers tell us that our support team is one of our core strengths. We’re laser focused on MongoDB in a way that requires deep expertise and focus. I would not speak negatively about alternative offerings but point out that it’s very different to provide a minimal level of support to a large number of services than it is to go deep on something as core to your application as a database.

Regarding reactivation: to explain that, it’s important to understand that support is like insurance. The model is that you pay for it so that you can use it when you need it. Some (a very small number) people try to game offerings like this by turning support on and off as though it’s a one-time service, and that’s what we’re aiming to prevent here. Note that we separately offer consulting services including low-priced Flex Consulting for one-off scenarios. I want to be clear that the goal with reactivation is simply to discourage abuse. We have seen customers activate in error and later activate intentionally and we stand ready to help those customers out if the activation is not really a reactivation at all. We’re humans here but aiming to have guardrails in place that allow us to scale.