The repository is very easy to hit (with a search engine…) and it leads to a poor user experience.

There are two issues complaining about the repo:

And someone tried to use the repo to get support:

It’d be nice if the repo was updated to point somewhere else.

But possibly:

MongoDB Community from the above repo has a very inviting right side:
Get access today!
Which when one clicks the Join Now button yields:

Which is not helpful to end users.

– It’d be great if at least the right side were removed from that page.

Hi @Josh_Soref,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I’ll take care of updating that.


Hi @Josh_Soref,

The GitHub repo has been updated to reflect current community resources and starting points.

The community Slack was retired earlier this year as part of a longer term plan to grow and support community with a more cohesive experience per The MongoDB Community: Our First Steps Together Into A New Future. We now have a larger (and more active) group of members on the community forums :slight_smile: .


Also, pages on have links to Slack, e.g.:

can you do anything about the right side of ?

That URL isn’t really able to die, as there are plenty of things that link to it, e.g.:

Hi @Josh_Soref,

It’s a bit challenging to remove all of the historical links that referred directly to LaunchPass, but the canonical url of was redirected.

The editable body of the LaunchPass page was also updated within the limitations of the template to refer to the new community forums:

The login message on the right side of the page is a generic template provided by LaunchPass that can’t be hidden.

We could completely remove the LaunchPass page, but that dead ends anyone following old links rather than giving them opportunity to discover the new home. It has been more than 6 months since the migration, but I’ll start a discussion with the community team on whether it is time to fully remove the old landing page.


@Stennie: what about this? I’d hope this is an area mongodb controls…

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