Powering Vector Search Maturity in Retail with Pureinsights

Genevieve Broadhead and Phil Lewis

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In a competitive retail market, with customer demands higher than ever, retailers are on a constant journey toward search maturity. With the recent announcement of MongoDB’s Vector Search offering, retailers are implementing smarter search solutions to provide customers and staff with delightful experiences. Here we’ll explore how partners like Pureinsights are helping retailers to understand what true search maturity entails, and how to start their vector search journey on MongoDB Atlas.

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How MongoDB Partners Like Pureinsights Can Help

Search and AI application specialists like Pureinsights can shorten the planning and development cycle, bring applications to production faster, and accelerate time to value for the customer.

The Architecture of Vector Search Applications

Virtually every Vector Search application will follow the basic logical flow illustrated below.

A Client creates a complex query, which is then submitted to an encoder. The encoder turns the query into a Vector and submits it to the Vector Search Engine. The Vector Search engine searches the Vector Database and returns results, which are then formulated and returned to the Client for presentation.

Diagram depicting the Vector Search data workflow. Data starts with the client, and then through read and writes flows into Encoder. From there, it flows into the Vector Search Engine through vectors.

A complete Vector Search application includes all of the elements in this diagram, but not all of them are currently provided in the MongoDB Atlas platform. Everything to the left of the Vector Search Engine has to be developed by someone. MongoDB provides the vector store and a means to search it, but someone has to build the client and logic for the complete application.

Why Involve Pureinsights to build your Vector Search applications?

Pureinsights is a MongoDB BSI partner and has extensive knowledge and expertise in helping customers accelerate time-to-production of premier search applications.

Pureinsights specializes in search applications and provides services to build end-to-end vector search solutions, including solutions to create and populate MongoDB Vector Search and UI/Client to search MongoDB Atlas using Atlas Search and Atlas Vector Search. Customers can focus on their core business while we do the development.

Pureinsights Search Maturity Matrix – A Roadmap for Better Search, including Vector Search

All of the use cases we discussed – e-commerce search, AI-powered search for support, and product information/reviews are advanced search features for Retail. But it’s always best to walk before you run, so before implementing Vector Search, a good strategy is to make sure your current applications have been optimized. Pureinsights methodology for search applications includes analyzing the state of current applications using a Search Maturity Matrix.

Pureinsights - Design, Build, and Manage

After mapping out their journey to build out advanced search capabilities for their retail applications, Pureinsights can help customers build the applications on the MongoDB Atlas Platform from design, to build, to operations.

Application Design and Architecture: A well-defined plan is the key to efficient application development. Pureinsights with their immense experience can help with complex design decisions, such as choosing the right AI models and creating the best architecture for performance and security.

Application Build: With over 20 years of experience in search, Pureinsights can help you build and deploy your Atlas Search application quickly and efficiently. Pureinsights has developed methodologies and frameworks like the Pureinsights Discovery Platform, which work with AI technologies (e.g., ChatGPT) and integrate with the Atlas platform to reduce development time and accelerate time to production.

Managed services: Pureinsights can even run your search application for you with our SearchOps and maintain it for optimum performance with their fully managed service so you can focus on your core business.


Pureinsights can help customers overcome the challenges of building vector search applications and accelerate the time to production. With their expertise in application design, build, and managed services, Pureinsights can help customers build and deploy next-generation vector search applications that deliver real business value.

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