MongoSF Slides & Video; Discounts on upcoming MongoDB conferences



MongoSF, the first full-day conference dedicated to MongoDB, featured 35+ sessions and even produced a few surprises along the way. Over 200 people attended the April 30 conference. Slides and video from many sessions now available on the 10gen website.

The Sharding presentation was one of the major highlights of the event. Eliot Horowitz, the CTO of 10gen, demoed a 25-node cluster on EC2. Check out the video of the session.

MongoHQ made a major announcement during their session, launching their add-on to all Heroku users as a public beta. For more details, check out the Heroku blog.

The conference was held at Bently Reserve, where we hope many future tech conferences will take place. Not only is the venue beautiful and historic, but it is fully equipped for conferences. The wireless actually worked!

The main banking hall at Bently Reserve at 8:30 on the morning of MongoSF - it filled up shortly thereafter!

More MongoDB conferences coming soon! Use the discount code “blog” when registering.

MongoNYC - Friday, May 21
MongoUK - Friday, June 18 
MongoFR - Monday, June 21