MongoDB Sales Recognized as a Top 20 Org for Professional Development by RepVue



It’s no secret that investing in your people can lead to incredible outcomes, especially for sales organizations. Companies with engaged employees see increased productivity, more profitability, and higher earnings per share. And because go-to-market (GTM) functions are responsible for more than 40% of revenue at high-growth software companies, driving effectiveness and engagement within GTM teams is paramount.

At MongoDB, the sales and customer success team makes up over 30% of our company and is one of our fastest-growing organizations. We know that providing opportunities for development and receiving support from leadership drives both engagement and career growth for our teams, ultimately making them more effective and empowered to deliver results. Within the last two years, over 160 employees have been promoted into leadership roles within our sales organization, and we’re continually growing the next generation of leaders at MongoDB.

So we’re thrilled to announce that MongoDB’s sales organization has received two RepVue Reppy Awards for the Spring 2024 Reppys, highlighting our commitment to excellence in building a world-class sales team and our prioritization of career development opportunities. RepVue recognizes MongoDB for being a Top 20 org for Professional Development and a Top 20 org for Publicly Funded Companies.

About the RepVue Reppy awards

RepVue collects millions of data points every year from its B2B sales professional user base. This data is voluntarily submitted on RepVue and includes information about their sales organization’s compensation, culture, overall employee experience, and more. This data is then used to rate the organization across categories and generate an overall RepVue Score.

Sales organizations that secure a place in the Top 20 for their category or the Top 5 in a metro area become eligible to receive Reppys. These rankings serve as a testament to the exceptional sales environment these organizations consistently deliver.

Hear what some of our employees have to say about working in sales at MongoDB.

Adam, Enterprise Account Executive, North America

“Throughout my time at MongoDB, I’ve been challenged to learn a complex technology while working with some of the smartest people in the industry. I am regularly humbled by the team we have and the engineers we work with. Everything I’ve learned from them has helped me sharpen my skills and advance my career.”

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Marie, Regional Director, Inside Sales, EMEA

“Being part of the sales organization at MongoDB isn’t just about being a good sales representative, it’s about being part of a growth mindset community. Participating in our BDR to CRO career development program has helped me take my sales career to new heights.”

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Salvatore, Area Vice President, EMEA

“As a member of our sales team, you’ll find a culture of transparency and meritocracy. We are focused on developing individuals to be great salespeople and like to think that we are the best technology sales school in the world. Our team is competitive, but there is a lot of camaraderie and support for one another. You’ll have the opportunity to express yourself at your best and know that you will be valued for your unique perspectives and experiences.”

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Simon, Senior Vice President, APAC

“Our role as leaders is to develop our teams, from the bottom all the way up. We need to develop the next wave of leaders so that they’re prepared to step up when the time comes. Being part of a high-growth tech company requires taking risks and making mistakes. We have a high standard, and we hold each other accountable, but it never comes at the cost of creating an environment where people are afraid to fail.”

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Cedric, Chief Revenue Officer

“If you join MongoDB, you’ll have to expect a culture of learning and growth. We drive a strong culture of ownership and accountability and we are going to invest in you very aggressively in terms of training and coaching, but we are also going to push you as much as we can so that you can grow your sales skills. Whether you sit in New Delhi, Sydney, Paris, London, or New York, you have a chance in this company to take on more responsibilities and grow your career faster than at any other company in the world. ”

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