MMS Release Notes, January 06 2015



This iteration was primarily spent wrapping up the final touches on Ops Manager 1.6. Ops Manager 1.6 will include automation, a Windows build (backup and monitoring only), as well as an Automation API, and will be released in February alongside MongoDB 2.8!

Nevertheless, quite a few fixes were completed this iteration - the cluster view was not displaying zero value points on charts (fixed!), we now show better information about servers that cannot be reached, and we no longer show the last ping tab for arbiters. Additionally, we fixed an issue where cron jobs were getting stuck in “running” status.

Backup: We continue to evolve our support for WiredTiger as 2.8 comes together. We’re actively working on queryable restores for 2.8 (mmapv1) and making theft jobs interruptable. We also fixed some edge cases that were preventing termination of backup jobs and fixed sync failures when indexes were created during inital sync. We now validate SCP credentials before starting data transfer of the restore files (i.e., fail fast).

Automation: We added support for new command line options, including popular setParameter variations and verbosity. We added some additional validations in the UI which will prevent users from adding arbiters with votes = 0, added support for another AWS region (Frankfurt, eu-central-1), and alphabetized the security group pulldown list elements. Users also can now provision servers with exceptionally long names, and we added more explanation in the UI for servers that cannot be terminated.

There were also updates to the monitoring and backup agents:

  • Monitoring agent (version has improved error handling on Windows
  • Backup agent (version has further enhancements to support backups of MongoDB 2.8