Meet the MongoDB Europe 2016 Diversity Scholars

Danielle James


In November, a group of rising tech stars attended the first annual MongoDB Europe as part of the MongoDB Diversity Scholarship program.

The MongoDB Diversity Scholarship is one of our initiatives to change the ratio in technology. At MongoDB Europe, the Diversity Scholars got complimentary admission to the conference, a lunch sessions with other Scholars, and speed mentoring with MongoDB speakers. Additionally, they received a MongoDB certification voucher and three-month access to on-demand MongoDB University courses.

Read on to meet the MongoDB Europe 2016 Diversity Scholars, and to find out how you can apply to the scholarship at MongoDB World in Chicago, June 20-21, 2017.

Ousmane Barry, Software Developer, Novencia

I’m originally from Senegal and came to France to pursue my higher education. Currently, I’m a Software Engineer at a consulting company, where I help the teams to develop their technical level through Software Craftsmanship.

How I started using MongoDB: Like the majority of developers, I come from the world of SQL. I discovered MongoDB through a discussion with a colleague. At the same time, my company wanted to build skills in the field of NoSQL, so I registered on MongoDB University to learn the technology. After that, I passed the DEV certification, followed by the DBA certification.

My giant idea: I would like to work on a Big Data project where you can use all the power and flexibility offered by MongoDB. It would be interesting to work on use cases such as IoT or Single View. -- @EnamsuoBarry

Quynh Tran Thanh, Quant Analyst, Commerzbank

I’m currently a Quant Analyst working at Commerzbank. In my free time, I love assembling IKEA furniture.

How I started using MongoDB: I started using MongoDB at a hackathon, where I had to build an app with my team within 48 hours. MongoDB was the best choice for a user friendly database, and perfect for our app as we used JSON data.

My giant idea: Recently, I’ve become very interested in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. I’d like to analyze transactions on the blockchain. For that, I’d like to use MongoDB to easily query for transactions.

Soyini Taylor, Database Analyst/Data Architect, Reed Business Information

I’m a Database Analyst living in London, currently on a 6-month secondment as a Data Architect.

How I started using MongoDB: I wanted to learn MongoDB and got started with the free M102 course on MongoDB University. M102 was a good introduction to how the database works.

My giant idea: My goal is to complete the next MongoDB University course, M202. I’m looking forward to MongoDB releasing a sandbox area for those working in operations that are charged only with maintenance of the database.

I also love the fact that MongoDB provides a Diversity Scholarship to encourage more involvement in technology by underrepresented groups, and hope to be able to contribute back to the community one day.

Want to attend MongoDB World on a Diversity Scholarship?

The Diversity Scholarship is now open for [MongoDB World]( "MongoDB World"). If you’re a member of an underrepresented group in technology, you can apply today!
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