Interview with David Mytton, organiser of the London MongoDB User Group



The London MongoDB User Group was founded in March 2011, and since then has grown to approximately 650 members. The group meets the last Tuesday of every month at 10gen’s new London office in Shoreditch.

A very short interview with David Mytton, organiser of the London MongoDB User Group and founder of Server Density.

What are the biggest challenges you have running the London MongoDB User Group? How do you find your speakers for the group?

Finding speakers is the hardest part. It’s like running a conference every month because you have to find several people to provide talks on interesting topics to encourage members to come each month. There’s only so many people using MongoDB in each meetup area so it’s not like a yearly conference which allows time between each event for new people to start up and existing users to create new projects or learn new things.

How have you helped and encouraged the user group to grow? What advice would you give to someone who was starting their own user group?

Making sure we have interesting speakers is the best way to do it. Then using your own promotional channels (Twitter, Blog, telling friends) and connecting with companies using the project. 10gen help with this as well because they’re doing this kind of activity on a full time basis.

Aside from your work and MongoDB, tell me about something you are passionate about?

I particularly enjoy cycling and just returned from a 3 week cycling trip in Japan.

The London MongoDB User Group was recently featured on the Meetup HQ blog, and next meets on Aug 28.

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