Happy Birthday to the Richmond MongoDB User Group



It’s been a year since the Richmond MUG’s first meeting last fall kicked off with an introduction to MongoDB. Here are some highlights from their first year.

  • Robert Fehrmann discussed mongoctl, an open source tool from MongoLab that simplifies the administrative tasks of managing MongoDB instances and clusters. He also introduced mongorctl, an application built by Snagajob to manage patching, failovers, indexing, and other admin tasks for replica sets and config servers.

  • Group members from Royall & Company spoke about their experiences building an environment where MongoDB and SQL servers co-exist, harnessing the strength of both the old and new technologies.

  • This summer, Robert spoke about Mongo Connector, an open source project developed in 2012 by two MongoDB interns. Connector provides a lightweight solution for migrating mongo collections from one data source to another. The group also discussed ways to build upon this technology for future projects.

Because sharing cake should be coupled with celebrating old and new friends, the MUG came together on their anniversary to introduce MongoDB to new members and review some new features in the most recent release, 2.4. Thanks to a young and growing community, the MUG is confident that MongoDB-powered companies will continue to grow in Richmond. Group leader Jason Ford plans to contact other groups and meet more frequently in the next year. Happy Birthday, and many happy returns.

If you're in the Richmond area, please join the MUG and stay tuned for upcoming events!