Free Your Genius With MongoDB Atlas Free Tier

Marissa Jasso

#MongoDB Atlas

What’s free, lasts forever, and can help you explore all your app ideas? You guessed it — a MongoDB Atlas free tier cluster.

Obviously there are plenty of reasons to use a more powerful cluster, but before you do, let’s explore the capabilities of Atlas free tier.

It’s Free — Forever

You heard it here first, folks. You never have to pay for your free tier cluster, and you can keep it on for as long as you’d like, on us. That means there’s no credit card required. We invest in the wonder of you, and all your great ideas. Why not test them all out?

New to Atlas?

MongoDB Atlas is our fully managed global cloud database providing best-in-class infrastructure, automation and proven practices that guarantee availability, scalability, and compliance with security standards. Atlas is available on more than 70 regions across AWS, GCP and Azure on our M0 free tier or our paid tiers (starting at M2). The most popular features of Atlas are available on paid and free clusters.

Features like MongoDB Atlas Search help you design and deliver top-notch built-in search capabilities. The Collections view lets you inspect and interact with your data. It also provides the Aggregation Pipeline Builder, which allows you to learn, test and visualize MongoDB’s aggregation framework.

Alt Text: Screenshot of Collections view of Atlas UI

You can also use your free tier cluster to test out MongoDB solutions that come integrated with Atlas, such as MongoDB Realm and MongoDB Charts, which both have their own free tier versions.

Free tier clusters are a great opportunity to start innovating at no cost. If you decide you want something more powerful, upgrading to a larger tier has never been easier. To get yourself an account, sign up for Atlas today.

Atlas Veteran?

If you already know your way around a cloud database, why would you use a free tier cluster? No matter where you are in your Atlas journey, free tier clusters can be useful for development environments, proof of concepts, checking out new Atlas features, and demos. No matter how many projects you have, you can always spin up one free tier cluster per project.

It’s Advantageous

Free tier clusters are deployed on the latest battle-tested version of MongoDB, meaning you’re getting all the perks (on-demand materialized views, client side FLE, wildcard indexes), with none of the cost. For more information on what you’d get with a free tier cluster today, read through this blog post, which discusses free tier features on MongoDB 4.2.

Free tier clusters come with 512MB of storage. If you’re curious about what you can do with that, we have a few ideas to get you started: Build a search engine in less than 10 minutes with MongoDB Atlas Search, test out MongoDB with new programming languages, or kickstart your Atlas learning process with our sample data sets.

It’s Distributed

Atlas free tier clusters are available on the cloud provider of your choice in the most popular regions, including AWS North Virginia, Google Cloud São Paulo, and Azure in the Netherlands. We’ll be expanding to more regions in the future, so if you don’t have access to your preferred region now, it won’t be long until you do. To see all the free tier options available, simply create a new cluster in the Atlas UI.

Alt Text: Screenshot of webpage to build a new cluster

The best way to check out all the features available on free tier is to play around with one yourself… What are you waiting for?

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