Announcing the General Availability of MongoDB 3.2 and Bug Hunt Winners



MongoDB 3.2 is now generally available for production deployments - you can download the community version or MongoDB Enterprise Server today.

This is truly a giant release. MongoDB 3.2 features better support for robust, highly available multi-data center deployments, document validation to ensure you can leverage our flexible data model without sacrificing governance controls for data quality, improved tools for analytics, and much more.

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Let’s take a look at what’s inside.

New Storage Engines for New Use Cases

We’re introducing new storage engines that extend the capabilities of MongoDB, including an in-memory storage engine for the most demanding real-time apps (currently in beta) and an encrypted storage to secure data at rest.

Document Validation

In MongoDB 3.2, you can now get the benefits of a flexible data model without sacrificing governance. With document validation, you can define rules on what's being stored in your database.

MongoDB Compass

MongoDB 3.2 introduces MongoDB Compass, a new tool that allows developers and DBAs to visualize and explore their MongoDB data without having to use the MongoDB query language. It’s a sophisticated and simple to use GUI.

BI Connector

The new BI Connector in 3.2 enables analysts, data scientists, and business users to visualize MongoDB data with industry-standard SQL-based BI platforms such as Tableau, Qlikview, and more.

And so much more

We’re only scratching the surface with the above. MongoDB 3.2 also introduces $lookup to join data across collections, enhancements to Cloud Manager and Ops Manager, partial indexes, and so much more. Learn more in our about MongoDB 3.2 page.

Community Contribution & Bug Hunt Winners

As always, we couldn’t have done it without the ongoing contribution and feedback from our community. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Bug Hunt and provided us with feedback on the new functionality.

We’ve selected this year’s winner and honorable mention:

Winner - Stuart Hall

Stuart found SERVER-21690, a 100x performance regression in text search with phrase matching with text index v3. After the bug was identified and fixed he helped us test the fix. Stuart has also reported other issues that are being investigated.

Honorable Mention - Nick Judson

Nick submitted SERVER-21434, uncovering a bug in findAndModify returning unexpected results when there are multiple readers.

The first prize winner and honorable mention received a $1500 and $500 Amazon gift card respectively, a free ticket to MongoDB World 2016, and a reserved front row seat at the conference. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who downloaded, tested and gave feedback on our release candidates.

Learn More

There are many ways to learn more about the newest version of MongoDB.

The best way is to download and try it out.

We’re excited for you to download MongoDB 3.2, click below:

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