MongoDB’s 2020 Interns: Announcing Our New Remote Internship Program

Emily Cardner


Just like other companies, MongoDB has made some major shifts to the way we conduct work during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the past few weeks, our company has been working remotely in order to ensure the safety of our employees across the globe. While there certainly have been challenges, we have also had opportunities to be more creative during this stressful time.

This summer will be MongoDB’s 10th intern class! We have hosted interns from all over the world to help us work on some of MongoDB’s most popular features. Did you know that the Rust Driver and Full-Text Search started as intern projects? Because the program is so important to our company’s growth, we are excited to continue to invest in our internship program, but unfortunately need to conduct it virtually this year given the circumstances.

While this was a difficult decision, we look forward to creating a best-in-class experience for our incoming students. Fortunately, our program already has a strong foundation that we are excited to build upon in order to provide technical development and professional growth from a remote capacity. Our team is preparing opportunities for each of our interns to build connections, foster their learning, and understand the amazing culture of MongoDB despite not being in one office.

We plan on increasing the amount of touchpoints our interns have with their engineering mentors, the Campus team, and each other. We will host a virtual speaker series for interns to join remotely to learn from and interact with the leaders of the company. We have created a learning and development path for all interns to sharpen their professional skills, such as time management and receiving feedback. Most importantly, we will make sure each intern will learn and use MongoDB’s products.

One of MongoDB’s core values is Think Big, Go Far, and while we didn’t expect to provide a remote internship, we are excited for the new opportunities we can create for our interns. We are so happy to continue the internship program, and we look forward to a successful summer!