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Installation Requirements

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Learn about the applications and libraries you must install to use Client-Side Field Level Encryption (CSFLE).

Before you can use CSFLE, you must set up the following items in your development environment:

  • (Optional) Download the Automatic Encryption Shared Library. The shared library is a preferred alternative to mongocryptd and does not require spawning a new process. mongocryptd is still supported.

  • Install MongoDB Enterprise Edition.

  • Install a MongoDB Driver Compatible with CSFLE.

  • Install OpenSSL optional.

  • Start a MongoDB instance or Atlas Cluster.

  • Install specific driver dependencies. To see the list of dependencies for your driver, select the tab corresponding to the language you would like to use to complete this guide:

To start using CSFLE, see Quick Start.

To learn how to use CSFLE with a remote Key Management Service provider, see Tutorials.

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