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Use this command to wait for orphaned documents in a chunk range from a shard key's MinKey to its MaxKey for a specified namespace to be cleaned up from a majority of a shard's members.

To run, issue cleanupOrphaned in the admin database directly on the mongod instance that is the primary replica set member of the shard. You do not need to disable the balancer before running cleanupOrphaned.


Do not run cleanupOrphaned on a mongos instance.

cleanupOrphaned has the following syntax:

db.runCommand( {
cleanupOrphaned: "<database>.<collection>",
startingFromKey: <minimumShardKeyValue>, // deprecated
secondaryThrottle: <boolean>, // deprecated
writeConcern: <document> // deprecated
} )

cleanupOrphaned has the following fields:

The namespace, i.e. both the database and the collection name, of the sharded collection for which to wait for cleanup of the orphaned data.

The value of this field is not used to determine the bounds of the cleanup range. The cleanupOrphaned command waits until all orphaned documents in all ranges in the namespace are cleaned up from the shard before completing, regardless of the presence of or value of startingFromKey.

On systems running with authorization, you must have clusterAdmin privileges to run cleanupOrphaned.

Each cleanupOrphaned command returns a document containing a subset of the following fields:


Equal to 1 on success.

A value of 1 indicates that either:

  • No orphaned documents remain in the cleanupOrphaned namespace on the shard, or

  • The collection referenced in the cleanupOrphaned namespace is not sharded.

A value of 0 indicates that an error has occurred.

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