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$gte selects the documents where the value of the specified field is greater than or equal to (i.e. >=) a specified value (e.g. value.)

For most data types, comparison operators only perform comparisons on fields where the BSON type matches the query value's type. MongoDB supports limited cross-BSON comparison through Type Bracketing.

You can use $gte for deployments hosted in the following environments:

  • MongoDB Atlas: The fully managed service for MongoDB deployments in the cloud

The $gte operator has the following form:

{ field: { $gte: value } }
db.inventory.find( { qty: { $gte: 20 } } )

This query would select all documents in inventory where the qty field value is greater than or equal to 20.

Consider the following example which uses the $gte operator with a field from an embedded document:

db.inventory.update( { "carrier.fee": { $gte: 2 } }, { $set: { price: 9.99 } } )

This update() operation will set the value of the price field that contain the embedded document carrier whose fee field value is greater than or equal to 2.


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