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$skip (aggregation)

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Skips over the specified number of documents that pass into the stage and passes the remaining documents to the next stage in the pipeline.

The $skip stage has the following prototype form:

{ $skip: <positive integer> }

$skip takes a positive integer that specifies the maximum number of documents to skip.

If using the $skip stage with any of:

be sure to include at least one field in your sort that contains unique values, before passing results to the $skip stage.

Sorting on fields that contain duplicate values may return a different sort order for those duplicate fields over multiple executions, especially when the collection is actively receiving writes.

The easiest way to guarantee sort consistency is to include the _id field in your sort query.

See the following for more information on each:

Consider the following example:

{ $skip : 5 }

This operation skips the first 5 documents passed to it by the pipeline. $skip has no effect on the content of the documents it passes along the pipeline.


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