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Shuts down the current mongod or mongos process cleanly and safely. You must issue the db.shutdownServer() operation against the admin database.

db.shutdownServer() has the following syntax:

force: <boolean>,
timeoutSecs: <int>

The method takes the following optional field:


Optional. Specify true to force the mongod to shut down. Force shutdown interrupts any ongoing operations on the mongod and may result in unexpected behavior.

Optional. The number of seconds the primary should wait for a secondary to catch up. Defaults to 10.

If no secondaries catch up within the specified time, the command fails.

This operation provides a wrapper around the shutdown command.

For a mongod started with Authentication, you must run db.shutdownServer() over an authenticated connection. See Access Control for more information.

For a mongod started without Authentication, you must run db.shutdownServer() from a client connected to the localhost interface. For example, run a mongo with the --host "" option on the same host machine as the mongod.

db.shutdownServer() fails if the mongod replica set member is running certain operations such as index builds. You can specify force: true to force the member to interrupt those operations and shut down.

If running db.shutdownServer() against the replica set primary, the operation implicitly uses replSetStepDown to step down the primary before shutting down the mongod. If no secondary in the replica set can catch up to the primary within 10 seconds, the shutdown operation fails. You can issue shutdownServer() with force: true to shut down the primary even if the step down fails.


Force shutdown of the primary can result in the rollback of any writes not yet replicated to a secondary.

To run db.shutdownServer() on a mongod enforcing Authentication, the authenticated user must have the db.shutdownServer() privilege. For example, a user with the built-in role hostManager has the appropriate permissions.

db.getSiblingDB("admin").shutdownServer({ "force" : true })
db.getSiblingDB("admin").shutdownServer({ "timeoutSecs": 60 })
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