This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.

Change Sharded Cluster to WiredTiger

Starting in version 3.2, WiredTiger is the default storage engine for MongoDB.

Use this tutorial to update MongoDB 3.4 sharded clusters to use WiredTiger.

For earlier versions of MongoDB:



This procedure may involve downtime, especially if one or more of your shards is a standalone. If you change the host or port of any shard, you must update the shard configuration as well.

MongoDB 3.0 or Greater

You must be using MongoDB version 3.0 or greater in order to use the WiredTiger storage engine. If using an earlier MongoDB version, you must upgrade your MongoDB version before proceeding to change your storage engine. To upgrade your MongoDB version, refer to the appropriate version of the manual.

Config Servers

Starting in version 3.4, config servers must be deployed as replica sets (CSRS). As such, version 3.4+ config servers already use the WiredTiger storage engine.

XFS and WiredTiger

With the WiredTiger storage engine, using XFS for data bearing nodes is recommended on Linux. For more information, see Kernel and File Systems.

Change Shards to WiredTiger


A sharded cluster can have mixed storage engines for its individual shards.

To change the storage engine for the shards to WiredTiger, refer to the appropriate procedure for each shard: