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db.changeUserPassword(username, password)

Updates a user’s password. Run the method in the database where the user is defined, i.e. the database you created the user.

Field Type Description
username string Specifies an existing username with access privileges for this database.
password string Specifies the corresponding password.
writeConcern document Optional. The level of write concern for the creation operation. The writeConcern document takes the same fields as the getLastError command.

Required Access

To modify the password of another user on a database, you must have the changeAnyPassword action on that database.



By default, db.changeUserPassword() sends all specified data to the MongoDB instance in cleartext. Use TLS transport encryption to protect communications between clients and the server, including the password sent by db.changeUserPassword(). For instructions on enabling TLS transport encryption, see Configure mongod and mongos for TLS/SSL.

MongoDB does not store the password in cleartext. The password is only vulnerable in transit between the client and the server, and only if TLS transport encryption is not enabled.


The following operation changes the password of the user named accountUser in the products database to SOh3TbYhx8ypJPxmt1oOfL:

use products
db.changeUserPassword("accountUser", "SOh3TbYhx8ypJPxmt1oOfL")
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