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Realm .NET SDK

You can use Realm's .NET SDK to develop apps in C# .NET with several frameworks: .NET MAUI, Xamarin, Avalonia UI, UWP, Unity, and others.

Learning Paths
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Quick Start

Minimal-explanation code examples of how to work with Realm.

See Code Examples

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Working Example App

Learn from example by dissecting a working Xamarin client app that uses Realm with Device Sync.

Explore an Example App

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Guided Tutorial

Follow a guided tutorial to learn how to adapt the example app to create your own working Realm app.

Follow the Tutorial

What You Can Do
Essential Documentation
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.NET API Reference

Explore generated reference docs for the Realm .NET APIs.

Realm .NET Reference

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Integrate Realm with Unity

Find out how to integrate Realm with your Unity project.

Install and Integrate Realm with Unity

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Check Out Releases

See the latest releases, new features, and bug fixes.

See .NET Releases

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Large File Storage

Store large files, such as images, on a remote server. Use Triggers and Functions to store the references. Leverage Realm's offline-first design to store large images, even when offline.

Example App

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Analytics/Telemetrics Data

Take sensor readings, push data to Atlas, and display the results in Atlas Charts or a time series collection.

Example App

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Realm with REST APIs

Use Realm for real-time operations together with REST APIs for server-side business logic - all with a single ViewModel.

Example App

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