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C++ SDK (Alpha)

Use the Realm C++ SDK to write applications in C++ that access data stored in realms and sync data with Atlas.

This SDK is currently offered as an alpha release. We encourage you to try out the features and give feedback. However, be aware that APIs and functionality are subject to change.

The C++ SDK does not yet support all Realm database features or Atlas App Services integrations.

What You Can Do

Use free open-source Realm Database as a local object store on a device. Use Device Sync to keep data in sync with your MongoDB Atlas cluster and other clients.

Essential Documentation
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Quick Start

Minimal-explanation code examples of how to work with Realm Database.

See Code Examples

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C++ API Reference

Explore generated Doxygen reference docs for the Realm C++ APIs.

C++ SDK Reference

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C++ SDK on GitHub

Explore the Realm C++ SDK on GitHub.

C++ SDK Repository

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