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C++ SDK Preview

Use the Realm C++ SDK to write applications in C++ that access data stored in realms and sync data with Atlas.

This SDK is currently offered as a Preview release. We encourage you to try out the features and give feedback. However, be aware that APIs and functionality are subject to change.

The C++ SDK does not yet support all Realm features or Atlas App Services integrations.

What You Can Do

Use free open-source Realm as a local object store on a device. Use Device Sync to keep data in sync with your MongoDB Atlas cluster and other clients.

Essential Documentation
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Quick Start

Minimal-explanation code examples of how to work with Realm.

See Code Examples

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C++ API Reference

Explore generated Doxygen reference docs for the Realm C++ APIs.

C++ SDK Reference

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C++ SDK on GitHub

Explore the Realm C++ SDK on GitHub.

C++ SDK Repository

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