Where are saved aggregations in Compass?

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I just would like to know if it is possible to have access to all aggregations saved on MongoDB Compass?

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Aggregations on the Compass are built for each individual collection. When you access a collection you can access all the saved pipelines for that collection.


Are you referring to retrieving all of the saved aggregation pipelines?

In the current versions of Compass (1.20 and older), saved aggregation pipelines are stored in an IndexedDB format that is embedded in the application preferences. This is only intended for use in the application, so accessing the full source of saved aggregations isn’t a current end user feature: you would have to load and export pipelines individually via the user interface.

However, a few users have requested easier access/sharing of pipelines, so future versions of Compass should load saved pipelines from disk instead. The improvement for this is currently in code review: COMPASS-3884: Migrate saved aggregations from IndexedDB to the filesystem.



Thank you so much @Stennie_X

I didn’t know the MongoDB backlog would be seen for anyone.

I am completely fascinated by this. Congratulations for this commitment with users.


Backlog development issues and improvement requests for MongoDB drivers, server, and other projects are visible via https://jira.mongodb.org. You can create, comment, watch, and upvote issues there.

We also have a MongoDB Feedback site which provides a more use-case focused view of feature requests and direct connection with the product management team.

MongoDB Compass started off as closed source development, but as of Compass 1.20 the source code is now available under the SSPL: MongoDB Compass is becoming more open than ever.


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