What are the BI Connectors?

hi i am taking a cource that talks about mongodb and it comes to a part that the instructor talks about but he didnt get into details but i want to know beifly what is the rule of it which is the BI Connectors i read about it in the documnetation but i didnt understand what are the rule of it is it reporting or other things can any one explain to me

Hello @mina_remon ,

Are you asking about the role of BI connector in MongoDB?

Traditional business intelligence tools work with flat, tabular data. These tools aren’t sophisticated enough to understand three-dimensional data stored in MongoDB databases.

The MongoDB Connector for Business Intelligence (BI) allows you to create queries with SQL to visualize, graph, and report on your three-dimensional MongoDB data using relational business intelligence tools such as Tableau and Power BI. It acts as a layer that translates queries and data between a mongod or mongos instance and your reporting tool. The BI Connector stores no data, and purely serves to bridge your MongoDB cluster with business intelligence tools.

Note: As an alternative to using third-party data visualization tools and the BI Connector, you can use MongoDB Charts to create data visualizations directly from your MongoDB collections.

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