Very slow response time, went from less than 1 000 ms to 97 326 ms today

Is there something going on this morning on shared clusters?
I am currently experiencing a very slow response time from less than 1 000 ms yesterday to 97 326 ms today.
I am using an M2 cluster. I have the same behavior from different request locations.

Hi @Michael_Moo_Penn - Welcome to the community.

It’s possible that you may have exceeded the network data transfer limit for shared tier clusters if nothing else has changed. However, to find this out, you’ll need to contact the Atlas in-app chat support team. More information regarding this on my response in this post.


Hi @Jason_Tran,

Thank you for your answer. Indeed, that would be a good reason but I asked to the support team and they didn’t see “any references to your instance being throttled within our logs”.
I understand that I am on a shared cluster and that resources might be lower time to time, but I think such a difference permanently without knowing why is a major concern, and I am still paying for a service.

I had to switch to another cloud service for now, because upgrading to a dedicated server is currently too expensive for my project.

ps. : the resquest that I use for testing is an read all query without any criteria.


hi @Michael_Moo_Penn ,

the request that I use for testing is an read all query without any criteria.

can you share the exact query? I saw that this post is tagged with Atlas Search so am curious if you are using $search.

Hi @amyjian ,
Sorry for the late reply I wasn’t following the thread anymore.
The query that I used is: { “_id”: { “$exists”: true } }.
I am using spring data with mongodb repository.