User organizations and access to DB

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I want to know if it is possible to set permissions for a user, not a database user, but an organization user, in order when he logs in with his mail and password on the MongoAtlas page, he only can read some databases and only can read and write in some others (All database are in the same cluster)

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Hello :wave: @Victor_Merino,

Let me provide you with some insights regarding permissions for organization users in MongoDB Atlas.

In general, MongoDB Atlas offers organization-based roles and one of them is “Organization Read Only” which grants read-only access to the entire organization, including all projects. These roles can be assigned to specific user emails. You can find more details about the roles in the Atlas User Roles documentation.

To achieve the desired configuration where a user can read some databases and read/write in others within the same cluster, you can utilize custom roles and define appropriate permissions for each database or collection.

It’s worth noting that accessing the database outside the Atlas UI dashboard requires creating a database user. This can also be done by generating an API key related to the Data API or using other authentication methods. Otherwise by default, even the lowest access role, “Project Read Only” grants metadata view-only access to the project control panel, including activity, operational data, users, and user roles. However, access to the Data Explorer and retrieval of process and audit logs is restricted.

While the specific configuration you mentioned might not be possible at this time, MongoDB Atlas offers various roles and customization options to manage user access. If you believe that the Atlas User Data Access Permissions need to be configured on a more granular level, you can upvote the related feedback on MongoDB Feedback Engine to express your interest in this feature.

I hope this provides clarity on the available options. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.


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Hi, @Kushagra_Kesav. Many thanks for the response. I already upvote in the link that you provide.