Use GraphQL_FLUTTER with Atlas GraphQL

What is the magic formula to make Flutter_GraphQL connect to the GraphQL API in Atlas? Because holy moly is this becoming a pain.

All we’re trying to do is integrate the Flutter GraphQL plug-in with GraphQL up in Atlas so that the data goes from mobile/desktop application to Atlas, and from Atlas back down to the mobile app or desktop app being accessed by a user.

What are all the fields you need to implement? Because it doesn’t seem building a resolver, function, and query even seems to work.

Is there something specifically blocking this? We can make it all work just perfectly fine using AWS exclusive services, and Azure exclusive services, but the instant we try to use MongoDB through Atlas and its built in GraphQL API, it just won’t work.

We are using

GraphQL_FLUTTER 5.1.2
Most current releases of Flutter, and Dart.

Anyone mind sharing the secret here?

Hi Brock,

We recently announced that we have decided to deprecate the Atlas GraphQL API. Consequently, new users cannot create apps with GraphQL / hosting enabled, and existing customers will have time to move off of the service and find an alternative solution by March 12, 2025.

Please read our announcement in the MongoDB Developer Center for more details and guidance on the migration process and timeline. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out to our support team via the MongoDB Support Portal.

Thank you for your understanding and feedback over the years.

Hello Kaylee,

Thanks for the update, wish we had seen this a whole lot sooner. It’s not a new Atlas customer I’m working for, my client’s used Atlas for the last three years and they weren’t aware of any of this.

At this point they are an AWS heavy environment and App Sync already can be tied into everything else, I’m not sure how using other GraphQL front ends makes sense when your solution (not yours personally, but MongoDBs) whether intended to be or not, is just telling customers to ditch Atlas and spin up DBs on other cloud platforms and migrate data and eliminate all the extra fees involved with third parties.

Being brutally honest, for the last two years it’s like every single turn where I try to encourage and push the use of Atlas, it’s like MongoDB as a company pushes another reason why it’s unnecessary and better to just stick to the third party services already in the cloud suite offerings from the major providers.

I know this may not be the intended marketing approach but I’m just giving you honest feedback, I know someone will probably come along and delete this like any other feedback that’s not ideal. But that’s not something you’re responsible for implementing.

We already had huge success just using DocumentDB and AppSync, but was hoping to save a few bucks for my client and just simply use Atlas and throw data between mobile and workstations and cloud via the GraphQL integrations.

It really feels like MongoDB as a corporation is pushing people away from using it, but meanwhile trying to tell others to use them.

Wish you the best, have a good night.

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