Update Compass for new MacOS

Dear developers, please update Compass for OS Catalina, it’s not working for it. Thanks in advance

:wave: Hi @Gabi_Kamilova and welcome to the forums.

I am running on macOS Catalina and can run the most recent build of Compass without any issue. What issues are you having?

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@Gabi_Kamilova Compass works on Catalina but because the application is not notarized (we are working on it) MacOS complains. You can get around that warning by going to Applications, right clicking on MongoDB Compass, and selecting Open from the contextual menu. You will still get the warning but you’ll have an additional button to open it anyways.

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Hi, @Massimiliano_Marcon, I am not getting the option of open anyways on my laptop.

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@Ayushi_Dalmia go to finder then Applications then right click. you should be fine. cheers

@Samuel_Adranyi @Massimiliano_Marcon I am having the same problem, and the fix you stated does not work for me. When I right-click Compass in the Applications folder and press Open in the dropdown menu, the same error box pops up as if I opened it using the desktop icon; it does not give me an “Open Anyways” button (see screenshot; I would show you my dropdown menu screenshot as well but it’s only letting me add one image. I assure you, I did press “Open” from the dropdown menu).

The other fix I have seen is as described at the bottom of Apple Support Page HT202491 (Safely open apps on your Mac). However, when I go to Security & Privacy on my Mac the “was blocked” blurb does not appear for me, and there is no “Open Anyways” button.

Any help appreciated!

In your security settings, do you have “Allow apps downloaded from App Store and identified developers”?