Tutorial pages not reactive to proper form factor


I was following this Java tutorial: Getting Started with MongoDB and Java - CRUD Operations Tutorial | MongoDB

And was quickly frustrated by the fact that the code blocks force you to horizontal scroll to see the code:

Making it onerous to follow along while trying to type (preferred, for me, in lieu of copy/pasting the code blocks) in another window/screen.

I sent feedback on the actual page. Just hoping this can make its way to someone that will redesign the page to be form-factor reactive. i.e., there’s tons of unused real estate on the landscape PC form factor that makes this horizontal scrolling unnecessary.

I found this community while giving the feedback. It looks promising, I’m hoping to participate more.

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Hi @Ryan_N_A1 and welcome in the MongoDB Community! :muscle:

As the author of this post, I share your frustration and I’ll escalate this to the Dev Center team.

Thank you for reaching out!