Trying to add MongoDB in Android App

Is there anyone know hiw to add MongoDB Atlas in android app or is there any tutorial how to add this , Im trying to make a chat application but unable to combine it to our android app…
It will mean a lot if anyone can help me .
Thank you…

The best way is to use MongoDB Realm. Realm works on Android and can perform bidirectional sync to Atlas


I just have a little doubt , i read somewhere that Realm store data offline like sqlite , I want to know does it handle databases too or it just a local storage base data only??

Realm is considered a mobile database that runs in-process with your app. It uses local storage and contains a seamless sync experience to synchronize uni or bi-directional with MongoDB Atlas.

You can see an Android Chat app example here - GitHub - mongodb-developer/RChatApp

With a writeup and explanation of the sister iOS app here -