The Index (May 2024): MUGs

:earth_asia:Looking for a recap of our latest MongoDB User Groups (MUGs)? Every month, all around the globe, members of our community come together to talk tech and all things MongoDB.

Here are some of our latest gatherings.

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MUG Brisbane kicked off its first-ever meetup, with a deep dive into NoSQL databases, architecture, and chatbot frameworks, thanks to leader @Thiago_Bernardes1. @Tate_Jones from Queensland Health shared insights into MongoDB’s role in healthcare, while Tomas Perez from MongoDB unveiled the intricacies of building AI chatbots with MongoDB’s Chatbot Framework.


The Auckland MUG, led by @Jake_McInteer, convened at Devoli HQ for an enriching evening of talks and networking. Bree Atkinson, CEO of Pathfinder Labs, shared insights on leveraging MongoDB Atlas for their Paradigm platform supporting law enforcement agencies. @Hazelle_Sevilla, Senior Solutions Architect at MongoDB, delved into the significance of vector search in building AI-enriched applications with MongoDB, offering real-life use cases and technical guidance.


The Boston MUG, organized by Chuck Freedman, kicked off the year with a meetup in collaboration with the bAWSton User Group at Elastio. Attendees explored the practical application of Generative AI on AWS with MongoDB Atlas, alongside the integration of MongoDB Atlas with AWS IAM for enhanced security measures. Hosted by Elastio, a cybersecurity company, the event offered insights into ransomware detection and data protection strategies. @igor_alekseev from Amazon Web Services (AWS) discussed building Generative AI applications with MongoDB Atlas on AWS, while Scott Capista, Senior Solutions Architect at MongoDB, delved into streamlining security through MongoDB Atlas and AWS IAM integration.


The Paris MUG concluded an enriching event, where Marjory shared invaluable insights into crafting agile architectures. Attendees delved into why MongoDB emerged as the optimal choice for Marjory’s application catalog within their data integration solution. The session also highlighted leveraging MongoDB vector search for Marjory AI in the future. Additionally, Mickaël BAYÉ, Sr. Partner Sales Solutions Architect at AWS, shared strategies for harnessing the power of generative AI on AWS with MongoDB Atlas.


At the London MUG, organized by @Sani_Yusuf, attendees gained insights into legacy system migration and advanced search techniques. Community Creator @John_Sewell highlighted challenges and strategies in decommissioning legacy insurance systems, while Luce Carter explored full-text search and Vector Search with Blazor.


The Lebanon MUG, spearheaded by
@eliehannouch, MongoDB Champion and MUG Leader, along with @Nisrine_bg, MongoDB Creator and MUG Leader, provided attendees with a captivating workshop on building a real-time messaging and notification system using Node.js and MongoDB. Participants embarked on a hands-on journey, gaining practical insights into database schema design, user authentication, and real-time communication integration.


The Thailand MUG, led by @Kanin_Kearpimy and @Piti.Champeethong, hosted an engaging virtual monthly meetup. The event featured two insightful sessions: “What’s New in MongoDB Atlas” and “Introduction to MongoDB Relational Migrator.” Conducted in Thai with English materials, the meetup provided attendees with the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in MongoDB and explore tools for relational data migration.


The Pune MUG, led by. @Faizan_Akhtar and Vishal Alhat, organized its third meetup in collaboration with the AWS User Group. The event showcased topics such as cluster-to-cluster sync in MongoDB by Faizan, database migrations with AWS presented by Rauf Mulani, and securing MongoDB data on AWS by Vishal.


The inaugural meetup of Belgium MUG in Antwerp — organized by Kenneth Westelinck, Senior Solution Engineer — was a dive into MongoDB’s world, featuring expert talks on foundational principles, advanced aggregation techniques, and more. Saurabh Jain, Solutions Architect at MongoDB, delved into MongoDB’s journey from basics to advanced features, including GenAI capabilities, while Ricardo Pires, Software Engineering Team Lead at Studio 3T, explored how to level up with MongoDB aggregations.


The Stockholm MongoDB Meetup — hosted at The Park Södra and organized by Claire Hardman, MongoDB User Group Leader Stockholm — featured two insightful presentations: “Custom AI Chat Deep Dive” by Sascha Ringström and “Why BigID Chose MongoDB” by Andreas Holmström. Attendees gained valuable insights into the intricacies of custom AI chat systems and learned why leading companies like BigID are opting for MongoDB as their database solution.

Kuala Lumpur

The fourth MUG@KL Meetup, organized by Lai Kai Yong (Vandyck) and held in collaboration with GDG Meetup, featured insightful sessions on MongoDB and data management strategies. Teo Wen Jie from MongoDB presented “Basic Data Modelling with MongoDB,” while Francis from Setel discussed cost saving with Mongoose auto-indexing strategy and consolidation of analytical sources.

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