Lebanon MUG: Building a Real-Time Messaging & Notification System with Node.js and MongoDB

Lebanon MUG: Building a Real-Time Messaging & Notification System with Node.js and MongoDB

Join us for an immersive workshop where you’ll learn how to create a powerful real-time messaging and notification system using MongoDB and Node.js. In this hands-on event, you’ll delve into the world of modern web development as we guide you through the process of building a dynamic messaging platform from scratch.

Throughout the workshop, you’ll embark on a step-by-step journey to build a robust messaging and notification system from scratch. Guided by our mug team, you’ll gain practical insights into designing database schemas, implementing user authentication, integrating real-time communication features, and crafting efficient notification mechanisms.

Don’t miss this opportunity to level up your web development skills and unlock the potential of real-time communication with MongoDB and Node.js. Reserve your spot now and embark on a transformative journey towards building next-generation messaging platforms!

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Speakers and Organizers

  • Elie Hannouch: - MongoDB Champion - MUG Lead
  • Nisrine Bou Ghannam: - MongoDB Creator - MUG Lead

:rocket: Hey everyone! Super excited to have you all join me next Saturday for an incredible session where we’ll be diving into creating a real-time messaging and notification system from scratch. Ready to dive in and get your hands dirty?

:tickets: Grab your FREE seat now and let’s make this happen together:

Make sure you catch the first session in this mastery series! We built a complete Social Media API using NodeJS and MongoDB. Watch the action-packed recording on our YouTube channel now!

Let’s make it a packed house once again! :green_heart:

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Dear participants,

In response to numerous requests from our wonderful participants, we have decided to reschedule today’s session. It will now take place on Friday, 3 May 2024, at the same time.

Given the multitude of onsite events happening in Lebanon today, we understand the importance of your participation in these activities. Therefore, we want to ensure that you have the opportunity to fully engage in these events and join our session feeling refreshed and prepared.

We hope you enjoy your day and look forward to seeing you soon as we collaborate to create an outstanding messaging and notifications system together.

Best regards,

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