Thank you for two great days of sessions at!


I’d like to say thank you for two days packed with sessions, Breakout and Community Cafe Sessions have been great (these which I attended). Some session have been in very small groups, but this made the conversation much more personal and direct, there was one with were we have been only in three. This could be a pattern for the next time something like “birds of a feather” sessions.
The session from John Page was: first technically very interesting and second: great to control the largorobot in his house. It is still online you can drive it around (John gave permission to share the link)
The chats in general have been ok, it was a little bit unorganized.
Perfectly well worked the “ask the expert” sessions.

The event was worth spending the time! A virtual event can not replace a real event but this one was was very well done.



I’ll have to wait for the recordings. I had every intention of sitting in on some live sessions, but unfortunately work had other plans for me. :frowning:

Hello @Doug_Duncan

you can visit MongoDB World 2022 | June 7-9, 2022 | MongoDB login, move to watch then Full Agenda there you can view all recorded sessions by clicking on demand.



Thanks Michael! Im used to having to wait for a week or two but I guess having this streamed lived would mean that it would be available that much quicker.

I’m going though the talks now.

Hi @michael_hoeller,

Thank you for your feedback and enthusiasm! It was nice to have you join the Community Cafe sessions my team was involved with during Sydney hours (and ask some great questions!).

Shifting from the planned in-person event to an online conference on short notice (while everyone was working from home!) was a huge challenge but we’re pleased with the overall outcome. Although we didn’t get to meet in person this year, the online format did enable more global participation (without jetlag!) and high quality recordings of sessions. The event platform we used did have a few unexpected rough edges, but we’ll take those learnings into consideration for future events.

Recorded presentations are available on-demand!

You can now view all of the recorded content on-demand. Higher quality videos have been posted on MongoDB’s YouTube channel and there are playlists for different content themes from the agenda (“What’s New”, “Performance & Scaling”, etc).

You can also continue to login (or register) via the MongoDB World event site for the original agenda and on-demand view of sessions. The archived event site includes some bonus Ask the Experts Panel sessions that may not be on YouTube.

Note: live event-specific features like Chat and the Help Desk are no longer active or monitored.

What are your session highlights?

What are everyone’s session highlights? I haven’t had a chance to see many of the talks yet (and there are soooo many interesting ones to catch up on), but some talks I’ve really appreciated from my colleagues at MongoDB so far are:

You may notice more than a few familiar names from community forum discussion :slight_smile: .

There are also great talks sharing experience and expertise from the broader MongoDB community. Interesting ones I’ve seen so far have included:



Related feedback from @nisajthani:

If you want to catch up on this talk, it is @Eric_Reid’s Silverback Notes: Beginner MongoDB Mistakes to Avoid.