Tableau does not display the tables

I want to connect my database to Tableau. I installed the BI Connector and I have set up my DSN System and tested it like explained here:

The connection was tested successfully and also I was able to use it from Tableau desktop. The issue is I can’t see the tables. (only the databases)

Can you click into the databases to drill down to the collections?

I can change the databases from the combobox. I get the “Executing query…” window box and after that, nothing is displayed.

How many collections are there?

7 collections. I can see them in the mongosqld console.

[sampler] mapped schema for 7 namespaces: “MongoDB” (7): [“collection1”, “collection2”, “collection3”, “collection4”, “collection5”, “collection6”, “collection7”]

I am asking our internal BI Connector team for some additional diagnosis. It will take a while as they are based in the US.

Hi, a few questions on your setup to start:

  • Are you using a local MongoDB deployment or a cluster in Atlas?
  • If local, which version of MongoDB are you running?
  • For BI Connector, which version are you running (2.14 is latest), and which version of the ODBC driver do you have installed (1.4.2 is latest)? Releases · mongodb/mongo-odbc-driver · GitHub

I think the ticket can be closed. I was expecting Tableau to automatically show the tables but I had to press the Search button. 1 day well spent.

Thank you for your help.

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I have the same problem. I have the 2.14.3 BI Connector and the latest ODBC connector (just installed). do you have any idea?