Synch disabled for a specific account

In testing, I can achieve synchronization across my 2 mobile apps, creating accounts, logging in and storing data that can be changed and reflected across both native apps.

But I have one account, the main account with which I’ve done the most testing, where synchronization has broken. After entering 4 records, synchronization has stopped. Logging in and out doesn’t restore synchronization. However, the records I add and edit on the device are maintained. So I can login and logout without losing the data on the device, it just won’t get synchronized to Realm and reflected across apps. I can even create another account on the same device and create records that are synched accurately, then logout and log back into the broken account and see all of the correct records, just still not synched.

So something happened at some random point that broke synchronization on that specific account. I don’t see any errors in the logs that I can link to this. The only thing I can think to work on at the moment is trying to verify if the realm on the device is the same as the one that is partially synched and visible on the web admin.

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Hi Ryan,

Are you getting any errors in your client app?

Please also check your Realm Logs and filter by Errors and Sync categories, you can also filter using the user ID you’re logging in with. Are there any errors which occurred around the time your reproduced this issue?

Have you tried terminating sync recently? The client will need to be reset after a termination happens. If this is the case, please try uninstalling the app on the client and re-installing. See article below regarding setting up client reset handling automatically.


I’ve gone through the Realm logs and there are no error logs.

I’m now receiving a bad changeset error.

Failed to parse, or apply received changeset: ERROR: AddColumn 'class_Direction.%3' which already exists
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    Exception backtrace:
    0   Realm                               0x000000010110ed5c _ZNK5realm4sync18InstructionApplier19bad_transaction_logIJNS_10StringDataERS3_EEEvPKcDpOT_ + 320
    1   Realm                               0x000000010110eb80 _ZN5realm4sync18InstructionApplierclERKNS0_5instr9AddColumnE + 860
    2   Realm                               0x00000001010c0bc4 _ZN5realm4sync18InstructionApplier5applyIS1_EEvRT_RKNS0_9ChangesetEPNS_4util6LoggerE + 136
    3   Realm                               0x00000001010bd03c _ZN5realm5_impl17ClientHistoryImpl27integrate_server_changesetsERKNS_4sync12SyncProgressEPKyPKNS2_11Transformer15RemoteChangesetEmRNS2_11VersionInfoERNS2_21ClientReplicationBase16IntegrationErrorERNS_4util6LoggerEPNSE_20SyncTransactReporterE + 828
    4   Realm                               0x00000001010cf548 _ZN5realm5_impl14ClientImplBase7Session29initiate_integrate_changesetsEyRKNSt3__16vectorINS_4sync11Transformer15RemoteChangesetENS3_9allocatorIS7_EEEE + 180
    5   Realm                               0x0000000101105fdc _ZN12_GLOBAL__N_111SessionImpl29initiate_integrate_changesetsEyRKNSt3__16vectorIN5realm4sync11Transformer15RemoteChangesetENS1_9allocatorIS6_EEEE + 48
    6   Realm                               0x00000001010cdf34 _ZN5realm5_impl14ClientImplBase7Session24receive_download_messageERKNS_4sync12SyncProgressEyRKNSt3__16vectorINS3_11Transformer15RemoteChangesetENS7_9allocatorISA_EEEE + 692
    7   Realm                               0x00000001010cad74 _ZN5realm5_impl14ClientProtocol22parse_message_receivedINS0_14ClientImplBase10ConnectionEEEvRT_PKcm + 4640
    8   Realm                               0x00000001010c5e10 _ZN5realm5_impl14ClientImplBase10Connection33websocket_binary_message_receivedEPKcm + 60
    9   Realm                               0x0000000101196178 _ZN12_GLOBAL__N_19WebSocket17frame_reader_loopEv + 1528
    10  Realm                               0x00000001010d34bc _ZN5realm4util7network7Service9AsyncOper22do_recycle_and_executeINSt3__18functionIFvNS5_10error_codeEmEEEJRS7_RmEEEvbRT_DpOT0_ + 260
    11  Realm                               0x00000001010d2fa8 _ZN5realm4util7network7Service14BasicStreamOpsINS1_3ssl6StreamEE16BufferedReadOperINSt3__18functionIFvNS8_10error_codeEmEEEE19recycle_and_executeEv + 240
    12  Realm                               0x00000001011882a8 _ZN5realm4util7network7Service4Impl3runEv + 400
    13  Realm                               0x00000001010fb5c0 _ZN5realm4sync6Client3runEv + 36
    14  Realm                               0x0000000100dd03cc _ZZN5realm5_impl10SyncClientC1ENSt3__110unique_ptrINS_4util6LoggerENS2_14default_deleteIS5_EEEERKNS_16SyncClientConfigEENKUlvE0_clEv + 232
    15  Realm                               0x0000000100dd029c _ZNSt3__1L8__invokeIZN5realm5_impl10SyncClientC1ENS_10unique_ptrINS1_4util6LoggerENS_14default_deleteIS6_EEEERKNS1_16SyncClientConfigEEUlvE0_JEEEDTclclsr3std3__1E7forwardIT_Efp_Espclsr3std3__1E7forwardIT0_Efp0_EEEOSE_DpOSF_ + 28
    16  Realm                               0x0000000100dd01fc _ZNSt3__1L16__thread_executeINS_10unique_ptrINS_15__thread_structENS_14default_deleteIS2_EEEEZN5realm5_impl10SyncClientC1ENS1_INS6_4util6LoggerENS3_ISA_EEEERKNS6_16SyncClientConfigEEUlvE0_JEJEEEvRNS_5tupleIJT_T0_DpT1_EEENS_15__tuple_indicesIJXspT2_EEEE + 32
    17  Realm                               0x0000000100dcf930 _ZNSt3__1L14__thread_proxyINS_5tupleIJNS_10unique_ptrINS_15__thread_structENS_14default_deleteIS3_EEEEZN5realm5_impl10SyncClientC1ENS2_INS7_4util6LoggerENS4_ISB_EEEERKNS7_16SyncClientConfigEEUlvE0_EEEEEPvSJ_ + 116
    18  libsystem_pthread.dylib             0x00000001d516bc74 _pthread_start + 288
    19  libsystem_pthread.dylib             0x00000001d5170878 thread_start + 8