"Cannot find 'RealmApp' in scope" error on swift

I’ve been getting a bad changeset error for awhile. This occurs after login to a specific account on IOS. Detailed Here.

Decided to update the RealmSwift pod from ‘10.0.0-beta.2’ to ‘~> 10.18’ today

Now I’m getting a bunch of compiler errors.
It seems like the highest level error is
“Cannot find ‘RealmApp’ in scope”

Which relates to this in my AppDelegate
let app = RealmApp(id: Constants.REALM_APP_ID)
let realmManager = RealmManager()

My solution ended up being to go through every compiler error, interpret the code and compare it against the swift tutorial.

I just must have skipped over some refactoring releases. Kinda a pain to cleanup.

Most changes revolved around these 2 changes:

  1. RealmApp naming change to App
  2. currentUser.identity was swapped to identities (an array)
  3. Refactor of app.login and app.logout

So I guess the question becomes something more like…

Is there a more efficient way to keep up with breaking changes? I’m one person working on basically a hobby project that goes across web, Android and IOS, so I can sometimes go weeks or months without looking at one of these platforms.